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May 26, 2023

Content Marketing in Southern Utah: A Practical Guide

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Many companies believe that content marketing is only for big brands, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are many benefits to utilizing content marketing in your Southern Utah business – no matter the size. This blog post will focus on three of those benefits: increased SEO rankings, improved brand recognition, and increased revenue.


Content Marketing Can Increase Your SEO Rankings

A study conducted by Conductor revealed that content marketing is one of the biggest factors in website rankings. Even more important than links, age, and social media shares. What does this mean to you?

In short, if you want to rank higher on Google for your target keywords (i.e. “best plumbing service in St.George, Utah)- creating quality content should be your top priority.

Not only do you want the Search Engines to see that you are the expert in your industry, but you also want your customers to see how knowledgeable you are too.


What Is SEO?

Many business owners hear “SEO” and a cartoon question mark appears above their heads. You’re not alone!

If you’re not familiar with what SEO is, let me break it down for ya. Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply making your content more visible to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

When you practice proper SEO techniques on your website or blog- such as utilizing keywords in the right places- it increases the chances of appearing higher up when someone searches for that keyword. This is called “Organic traffic” and you want as much organic traffic to your website as possible!

The simplest way to do this? Create great content (properly optimized) about a specific topic related to your business.


Content Marketing Can Improve Your Brand Recognition 

The Copper Collective claims that “consumers are 1000x more likely to trust earned media over paid media” which includes displays ads or Adwords campaigns. While running ads are still very important, having this type of brand recognition can be very beneficial.

Having a high-ranking website with relevant content, helps you form relationships with consumers who may become loyal customers down the road. It shows your customers that you are a leader in your industry.

Your company is legit and is highly trained in this industry.

Imagine this: your bathroom light went out. You’ve tried replacing the bulbs and that doesn’t seem to be the real problem. You’re going to need to call an electrician. You’ve never had to call one before, so what do you do?

Head straight to Google and search for the best electricians in the area.

And who shows up? Most likely some Angi’s List and Yelp recommendations (because these big companies will always outshine us) but below that, you’ll see your first couple of websites for local electricians. You’re going to look through those websites, maybe check out the ones that have shown up in Google Maps, and you’ll most likely pick from those choices. Give them a call, get some quotes.

You’re not going to look for an electrician past the first page of Google, are you? No, who does?

If your business is not showing up on the first page of Google, you’re irrelevant!

So why aren’t you showing up? Why is your competition showing up on the first page of Google and not you? It’s because you haven’t created enough content to get your website ranking! That’s where content marketing comes in.


Content Marketing Increases Revenue

64% of marketers say that the biggest challenge they have with content is not creating enough to meet their goals!

Content Marketing Can Help Grow Your Brand and Rank Higher in Searches – but why should a business invest time into writing blog posts when it can be spent elsewhere? The answer: ROI.

SEO experts agree that Content Marketing produces results between $66-77 dollars for every dollar invested. That’s an insane return on your investment! ¬†Copper Collective states “Seventy percent of companies who blog generate more leads from each sale.” Do you want increased revenue from sales? Then start blogging! It’s as simple as that.


Vibrant Marketing in Southern Utah

Vibrant Marketing specializes in providing expertly crafted content marketing services for your Southern Utah business. We’ll take the time to write content that is not only engaging for your customers but also searchable by major search engines. On top of that, our content helps build your ideal audience, and shape your brand’s voice.


Why Choose Vibrant Marketing in Southern Utah?

We’re sure that like us, as a local small business in Southern Utah, you find it important to support other small businesses in the area. Small businesses working together in a community creates benefits for all. Vibrant is a small business too, so we understand how hard it can be to get out there and compete with the big guys.

We’re passionate about supporting our community and finding bonds between other Southern Utah businesses. Vibrant Marketing in Southern Utah is always on the lookout for opportunities to help other businesses.

Our goal is to help grow other local businesses’ brand awareness through content marketing. We specialize in blog writing that will help your website rank higher on search engines while also increasing revenue from sales.

We don’t just create content and never look back. Our motto is Research, Measure, and Adjust.

We’ll conduct thorough research on your industry and the area you service, as well as research your product and business itself so that we can create relevant content that your business needs to rank for. We’ll continue to measure the successes or failures of that piece of content and continue to adjust to achieve the best results possible.

Our team works closely together to ensure every single piece of content crafted by Vibrant Marketing meets our high standards – because when you succeed, we do too!

We understand how important it is to have a digital presence. This is our expertise, just like carpet cleaning, or yoga, or interior design- is yours. Let’s grow your brand- give us a call today.