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Apr 30, 2023

5 Easy Ways to Generate More Business with Online Marketing

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the social media marketing stats your tourism business needs in 2023

Online marketing is a constantly evolving industry. As online marketers, we are constantly trying to stay relevant and find new ways to generate more online business for our clients. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest trends and strategies.

We’re sharing 5 easy online marketing tips that you should absolutely utilize today to start generating more leads for your business! And if you don’t have the time to integrate these changes, look to a digital marketing service to manage all of the online marketing for your business.

1. Have a Beautiful User-Friendly Brand + Website

First things first, how’s your branding? Is it modern, up-to-date, sleek? Is it simple and easy to understand?

I see so many companies who severely underestimate the value of a good-looking brand, but this is perhaps the most vital piece of the success puzzle!

A study found that online visitors are 85% more likely to buy from a website that they consider “well designed.”

Therefore, it’s important to have a brand that is attractive to the eye and easy to understand. All of your marketing materials should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Your company name, logos, fonts, color, and even voice, should be consistent and easy on the eyes. Every social media post, every blog post, every mailer, and every flyer, should perfectly reflect the brand you’ve created.

Online, your brand needs to shine through even more. People online are very visual in today’s world! Having a beautiful website with sleek designs, bright colors, and a user-friendly interface will guarantee online conversions.

Think big brands like Apple. No matter where you see Apple, its colors and fonts are always consistent. Their brand voice is consistent. Even if they were to leave their logo off of a piece of their marketing material, you would still know it’s Apple, right?

Create that brand essence in your own business. It’s important for both your print materials as well as your online presence to be consistent, professional, trustworthy, and recognizable.

2. Stay Active on Social Media

It’s a known fact that if you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a massive audience. But we can all agree that it’s easier said than done.

Most of us are in the business of improving other people’s businesses, which means our own business is often put on the backburner. I’ll even admit that I’m a prime example of that. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay up on your business’s social media accounts.

Social media is an online marketing goldmine. It’s a phenomenal way to show off your brand and connect with potential clients, but you also need to be posting content that supports your business goals (aka generating more online leads).

It can be difficult at first – finding the motivation in between client work, learning new platforms/techniques/strategies, etc., but social media will play one of the biggest roles in how successful your online presence is. Make sure you stay active so people don’t forget about you!

It’s important that you’re posting the right type of content online. You don’t want to just post any and everything, because then your online presence will be inconsistent and unprofessional – which is not good for business!

You need to find a balance between creating engaging posts (pictures, videos) as well as sharing other people’s material who are in the same niche or industry. To gain more online leads for your business this year, make sure you stay active on social media by having a strategic plan and following it through with detailed monitoring/analysis.

Pro tip: Use a social media post scheduler, or hire a digital marketing expert to manage your social media accounts for you! Whatever it is that you have to do to ensure that consistent and relevant content is keeping your audience engaged!


3. Stay In Front of Your Audience with Relevant Content

Just as it’s important to create consistent and relevant content for your social media platforms, so too is your website. This is called SEO (search engine optimization), and it’s done primarily with blogging. Of course, there are many other factors that come into play with SEO, but that will come in a later blog.

Creating helpful blog posts about your specific industry or niche is not only useful to your target audience but also continues to prove to them (and to Google) that you are the expert in this area.

It doesn’t have to be salesy – just educational pieces on topics people are interested in learning more about while cycling in some essential keywords. Keywords are basically the words people search online when they’re looking for information about your industry. They are incredibly important, so make sure you include them in your blog posts!

People need to know that they can come to you with their problems and questions related to your line of work – then feel confident knowing that you will be able to solve any issue at hand.

The more content you create (and share) online, the higher chance there is for conversions (leads). Stay creative online by publishing new pieces of relevant content on a regular basis!

Remember: quality over quantity always wins out. If you only have time to write one piece per month, then shoot for 2,500 to 5,000 words per blog post. If you have the time to write and post one blog per week, then shoot for 1,500 words per piece. The length of your content is extremely important for SEO.

A study found that small businesses who increased their blogging from once every two weeks to once per week generated an increase of 53.85% more leads online!

That’s an insane statistic, but it just goes to show how powerful blogging can be for your online marketing strategy. It might seem tough at first, but once you find a schedule that works with your business goals and audience needs – then stick to it!


4. Utilize Remarketing Practices like Display Ads & Email Marketing

Once you’ve found your audience, and you’re keeping them engaged, it’s time to harass them all over the internet. Yes, I realize how bad that sounds, but we all know it’s true, don’t we?

How many of us were talking to our friends about this new pillow we love and then all of the sudden, our social media is flooding with ads on that exact, or similar, product? Have you ever noticed that after visiting a website, you are now being slapped around by their ads everywhere you go on Google and Instagram?

This is remarketing. And it is, indeed, a bit creepy. But the reality is, it’s essential for your business.

Remarketing online takes some work to set up, but once it’s done – your ads are everywhere. You can remarket on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as Google and Youtube.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or how big/small of a company you are – if people don’t convert when they first arrive at your website, make sure that same audience continues to see you, reminding them over and over of your product or service, until eventually, they do convert!

This online tactic makes all the difference in the world when generating leads online.


5. Most Importantly, Have a Product That Is Unlike Any Other

Branding and good content are great and all that, but the harsh reality is that if you don’t have a fantastic product, none of these tactics will work. I have seen it many times over in my years in the business.

There are so many products online these days – what makes yours different from all of the rest?

In order for your business to stand out from your competitors online, you need to create real value.

The online world is brutal and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Your product has to stand out. There has got to be some sort of difference between what your competitors are selling versus what you are offering.

So think about your product or service long and hard before getting started with any of these strategies above. Once done correctly, all of these tactics will work hand-in-hand together to make sure your online marketing efforts are fruitful!


Let Vibrant Marketing Help!

As a business owner, your focus should be on running the company itself, not worrying about generating more leads, wondering if your brand is on point or anything else that comes with online marketing. Trust, we understand this probably better than anyone else can.

That’s why we are here to take care of all of these things for you. Our goal is to help grow other local businesses through content marketing. We understand how important it is to have a digital presence. This is our expertise, just like carpet cleaning, or yoga, or interior design- is yours.

Our team works closely together to ensure every single piece of content and every single marketing campaign we craft meets our high standards – because when you succeed, we do too!


Let’s grow your brand- give us a call today.






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